ERP industry solution for engineering, construction & operations

MARIProject supports the entire project workflow

MARIProject is used when it comes to product development, production or “Engineer to Order” in the construction industry. A particular challenge in projects of this industry is to procure material at low cost, to provide material in time and to ensure full cost control during the entire course of the project. MARIProject, the project management and ERP solution is designed exactly for these needs.

Profitable calculation

MARIProject simplifies the calculation of projects because up-to-date information on inventory and purchase orders are integrated in one solution. In addition, the system provides flexible defaults, for example for the overhead calculation. However, you can modify each position of the calculation and see directly how a change impacts your margin. Once the calculation is complete, you can create the sales quotation with just a few mouse clicks.

Project-related purchasing

MARIProject supports project-related purchasing transactions, for example, through the automatic determination of the most favourable vendor and the best item prices. The software visualises the current delivery status of all materials throughout the entire purchase process.

Project warehouse

SAP Business One helps you manage one or more warehouses. With MARIProject, you can manage in addition project-related warehouses.

Project planning

MARIProject helps you from the outset to plan your projects systematically with phases, milestones, costs, resources etc. MARIProject allows the consistent planning of all resources (employees, pools, items, equipment). Time and costs are planned in one step. In the capacity display, planning data can be easily moved by drag & drop from the resource pool to the available resource.

Mobile data access

Business partner master data (addresses, communication data, contact person) is recorded only once in the system and is also available to the employees through their mobile devices.

Mobile time tracking and travel expenses management

MARIProject enables the employees to capture their project hours and travel expenses, also via mobile devices. The travel allowances according to German law are already included in the system.

Up-to-date project reports

Project data (costs, revenues, planned and performed services, items etc.) is managed in one single system. Numerous reports (e.g. degree of completion, target/actual comparison of hours, project breakeven etc.) allow you to keep track of the project status because you always have up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Flexible billing

MARIProject supports all common types of billing methods: billing at fixed price or at cost, down payment etc. You can also define cost limits within the project in order to stay within budget.

Plants under construction

A flexible calculation tool enables you to determine the value of plants under construction according to different evaluation methods (e.g. percentage on completion or earned value) and to transfer the value to the financial accounting.

Maintenance & repair

Upon completion of the project, you can use the service module of MARIProject to plan, execute and bill maintenance services or repair operations.