Bill your services completely

MARIProject simplifies the complete project billing because business information, such as services, items and travel expenses, has to be entered only once in a single system. The captured services appear automatically in the approval form of the project manager. The system automatically shows the project manager or accountant the values that are due at the contractually agreed time.

MARIProject supports all common billing methods: billing at cost or at fixed price, milestone billing, billing by due date and project-related commission.

Invoices can be generated in different currencies. The exchange rate is updated in compliance with the default value in the financials module of SAP Business One.

In addition, MARIProject features different payment means, such as invoice, check, cash or credit card payment.

Work in progress

MARIProject helps you calculate work in progress pursuant to IAS/US GAAP with a template which can be customised to meet the needs of your business. The values are transferred to the financial accounting/balance sheet at the touch of a button.

Internal distribution of services

The system flexibly supports also the distribution of internal services. You can assign the performed services/incurred costs to the appropriate cost centers.

Accounting with less effort

When the document is created, invoices for example are posted automatically in the ERP system. The posted costs and revenues are directly taken into account in general or project-specific reports.