Create newsletters and send them to selected business partners

When it comes to the creation of newsletters with professional design and target-group-specific content, companies often turn to specialised agencies. However, this is cost-intensive and time-consuming, also because address data have to be manually selected.

This is where the new MARIProject newsletter module comes in:

  • It allows authors without HTML knowledge to create professional newsletters,
  • include an individual salutation and send them to a defined target group. No query language skills are required.

In addition, recipients have the option to change their personal newsletter settings.

3 steps to newsletter delivery

  • Write
    Compose and format your newsletter in MARIProject.
  • Preview
    At the touch of a button, you can view the text with the selected design and personal salutation. It is also possible to send the newsletter for test purposes.
  • Send
    Send your newsletter to all contact persons that match with the selected criteria in your database. It is also possible to deselect single recipients.

Newsletter settings

The recipient is able to define and review his settings.

  • View settings
    In the newsletter, the recipient may access a link to view, change and store his personal settings in the system.
  • Change newsletter settings
    After making a change, a message appears that the new settings were saved.
  • Email confirmation
    In addition, the recipient receives an email notification stating that his newsletter settings have been changed.

Recipient selection and delivery

  • Due to the integration in SAP Business One, you can simply select your business partners by ticking a property; even subjective criteria such as “good customer” are possible.
  • You can check the defined rule directly in the preview window.
  • No programming knowledge is required for this selection. Once you defined a “filter set”, you can use it for all future email newsletters.
  • It is possible to deselect single recipients for delivery.
  • Delivery takes place from your own or from a different server. In addition, it is up to you to define a second interval for email delivery to avoid blacklisting.
  • File attachments are possible.