ERP industry solution for professional services

MARIProject for project management and customer service

The professional services industry is extremely manifold. The use of MARIProject has proved to be successful in project-driven businesses, for example in IT business, in management consulting as well as in services companies of the telecommunications industry. However, the software suits also for businesses which deal with project planning/management and architecture.

All these professional services have in common that they will only be cost-effective if they bill a high percentage of their performed services. Therefore, a flexible time tracking is essential for service providers. IT service providers require in addition a tool for the handling of support tickets, whereas professional services need a tool for the planning and handling of on-site service tasks (e.g. product maintenance).

Besides a flexible project planning, the standard scope of delivery of MARIProject includes the following modules: time tracking and travel expenses, support desk to handle support tickets and service module to document service tasks.

Quotation costing

All items and services are stored in MARIProject with their purchase and sales prices and their costing method. Once you have specified all positions for the sales quotation, you can check with just a few mouse clicks whether your sales quotation is profitable.

Project planning

MARIProject helps you from the outset to plan your projects systematically with phases, milestones, costs, resources etc. With MARIProject you can plan your resources in a Gantt chart. Time and costs are planned in the same step. The system provides a capacity display. In the resource pool planning, you can transfer tasks simply by drag & drop to the available employee.

Mobile time tracking and travel expenses management

MARIProject allows the employees to capture their project hours in the back office or from outside the office via Internet or smartphone. All recorded and approved data is taken into account in the billing. In this way, MARIProject ensures the complete billing to the customer.

The same applies to the entry of travel expenses. The travel allowances according to German law are already included in the system.


MARIProject helps define company-specific approval processes, for example for travel expenses and services. When approving the data, you can decide whether and how many of the recorded services are billed to the customer.


MARIProject bills automatically all the data entered into the system. All common types of billing methods are available: billing by due date or milestone, billing at fixed price or at cost, with discount or surcharge etc.

Support Desk

MARIProject includes a support desk that is delivered with the standard. You can grant your customers online access to this support desk to enable both customers and employees to enter support tickets 24/7 and to track the processing status of tickets. With the service module, you can also represent on-site service tasks for product maintenance.

Up-to-date reports at your fingertips

MARIProject enables you to evaluate your projects at any time in a variety of ways and always with up-to-date figures. More than 200 reports are included by default, e.g. % degree of completion (POC), comparison of planned and actual hours, costs and revenues and work in progress evaluation.

In addition to the standard reports, MARIProject allows you to create your individual reports and to adapt reports to the unique requirements of your business. If you run MARIProject with SAP HANA, you will be able to represent the data in pervasive dashboards.