Profitable project costing

MARIProject enables flexible and economic project costing

MARIProject enables time-saving project costing by providing the default data of SAP Business One, e.g. the prices of items and services. Additional requirements for the costing, such as sales margins for goods and services, are also stored in MARIProject. As a result, you are able to display the margin immediately in terms of value and as a percentage when you determine the project cost.

To meet the requirements of the particular project, you can change the default setting for each contract position. MARIProject recalculates automatically the margin so that you receive quickly an efficient project costing which can be easily converted into a sales quotation.

Key features

  • play through different budget versions
  • define different costing variants
  • use different costing methods
  • define individual costing standards
  • calculate the revenues for each individual position of the contract
  • transfer the current purchase prices automatically to the costing
  • grant discounts per item or for the entire project
  • define company-specific approval processes, for example for sales quotations or budgets
  • use foreign currencies: currency fluctuations are compensated automatically at the time of posting