Streamline business operations

Ensure cost-efficient procurement management

SAP Business One assists you in the material requirements planning, the management of order requests and payment transactions. Through the integration of sales, purchasing and inventory, you have always an overview of the current demand and are able to streamline the purchase process and to buy cost-efficient.

The MRP wizard helps you for example with the timely procurement. You can create planning scenarios in a few steps: Define the planning horizon and the items or item groups. Select the desired criteria in the scenario such as existing stock levels, open purchase orders or sales orders, work orders, minimum stock level or predefined sales forecasts. Once the scenario is executed, SAP Business One presents a recommendation to ‘make’ or ‘buy’ items in a recommendation report including net requirement calculations. Based on these recommendations. you can select recommended production orders and purchase orders for automatic creation. This enables you to respond quickly and flexibly even with changing demand situations.

Inventory under control

SAP Business One helps you manage purchase items, production items or sales items. You can maintain default information on each item like preferred vendor, sales and purchasing unit of measure, default warehouse or tax status for an item. You can also maintain stock items in multiple warehouses or assign serial numbers and product batches.

Cycle counting system

Determine automatically with SAP Business One when each item in stock is counted for the inventory. You receive corresponding alerts and can ensure that only relevant items are counted.

Inventory revaluation

Goods deliveries can be allocated, moved or transferred between one or multiple warehouses. If the material price changes, you can make changes to existing stock prices, adjust the price and revalue your stock. You can also define and, if necessary, adapt valuation methods.